Angela Biederman is a sculptural artist whose primary medium is clay.  The natural world has always been the principle influence of her work, and it is often used to also recognize personal and human endeavors such as growth, relationships, and existence.

Angela earned her Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts with a concentration in Ceramics from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2010.  She maintained a small, personal studio in Milwaukee for over four years before beginning her graduate studies in the ceramics department at Kent State University in the fall of 2014.  Before earning her MFA in May of 2016, she taught ceramics at Kent State, and was the Curatorial Assistant in the School of Art Galleries.

She has exhibited nationally at NCECA’s Providence and Philadelphia conferences, locally where she resides in Pittsburgh, and regionally in Kent, Cleveland, Columbus, Milwaukee, and the John Michael Kohler Center for the Arts in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.